Ashlan & Cedar

4155 E. ASHLAN AVE. 559.225.2955

Grip Socks Required

Sign Waiver (English)

(A signed waiver must be completed for every person attending this facility.)

Safety is our top priority, which is why we have outlined a few precautions below. Please jump carefully and responsibly to minimize the risk of injury. Listen to our staff to ensure the greatest safety.

Trampoline accidents can occur with the following. These can lead to serious injury, paralysis or death. Attempt the following at your own risk.

Please proceed with caution and avoid the following:

  • Dangerous tricks (i.e. flips)
  • Attempting tricks  above your skill level
  • More than one person on one trampoline
  • Jumping on the safety frame
  • Jumping from trampolines to decking or platform area
  • Jumping with or holding foreign objects

      • Includes, but not limited to: keys, belt buckles, phones and cameras.

The following are prohibited:
  • Double Flips
  • Drug Use
  • Alcohol Use

If you do not follow these guidelines, we reserve the right to ask you to leave the facility.

Please note, the list above is not all-inclusive and lists the most common causes of trampoline accidents. We cannot list all of the ill-advised activities that may lead to injury.

Aerozone is  not responsible for lost or stolen items. We will not retrieve items lost in the foam pits. For safety reason please empty pockets while driving. Thanks for your cooperation.


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