Grip Socks Required

Sign Waiver (English)

(A signed waiver must be completed for every person attending this facility.)

At Aerozone we take fun seriously, which is why we have so many additional activities to keep you and your group entertained.  See the fun things to do below!

Our basketball courts are your chance to test your jumping skill.  We have two courts for you to play a fun game of one-on-one.

Price: Regular admission

Take jumping to a new level with some cool accessories. Rentals include bounce boards (similar to snow board), pro boards (similar to skis) and bouncing animals.

Price:  $5/hour for bounce & pro board and $1/hour for bouncing animal.

Once a month we host a club night for the whole family. From 9pm to midnight, we turn off the lights, bust out the neon ones and let everyone dance their hearts out. Great for all ages.
Club Nights are held once a month (on a Saturday).

Price: $15 for all ages.

We love dodgeball, which is why we have a separate area dedicated for dodgeball, all the time.  With two separate dodgeball arenas we have you covered.

Price: Regular admission

Take dodgeball to the next level by signing up for our bi-monthly dodgeball tournaments. To participate get 6-8 friends to sign up and play. Winners get a special prize. 
Co-ed teams welcome.  Recommended age to participate is 13 years or older.
Open tournaments are held twice a month (on a Saturday). 

Price: $15 per person (all ages)

This is where you can really fly. Test your limits by jumping into the foam pit from one of three lanes.  There’s even a special foam pit for the little ones.

Price: Regular admission

Our jousting arena is the perfect opportunity for a one-on-one battle. Take on your opponent and see who has the best balance.

Price: Regular admission

We realize that with little ones the biggest concern as parents is safety, which is why we have a separate area (over 2000 square feet)  just for the little ones. This special area includes a separate playground, bounce house, foam pit and trampoline area.
To be able to use this area kids must be:

4 feet and under
Under 6 years of age (they are welcome to use other areas too)
Able to walk on their own
Supervised at all times

Price: Regular admission

For those jumpers who also love to climb, we have a separate room dedicated to rock climbing just for you. With three different walls to climb, you’ll be challenged no matter how advanced you are.  One’s even looks like a Rubik’s Cube.

Price: $2 with general jump admission.  $6/hour for jump room only.

There’s a snack shop inside the facility to keep you fueled for all the fun. Our snack shop has drinks, snacks, pizza, hotdogs and more.
Price: Varies. Check out our daily specials for deals.
We’re taking bouncing off the walls to a whole new level with our Velcro Wall.  Wear the suit and see how you stick to the wall.

Price: Regular admission

We have free WiFi throughout our facility .

Ashlan & Cedar

4155 E. ASHLAN AVE. 559.225.2955